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Takács István


(76) Kylo Ren [TIE/vn Silencer](24) Supernatural Reflexes(5) Pattern Analyzer(13) Proton TorpedoesPoints: 118
(34) "Scorch" [TIE/fo Fighter](2) FanaticalPoints: 36
(31) "Muse" [TIE/fo Fighter](1) Crack ShotPoints: 32
Total points: 186Impaces
(67) Darth Vader [TIE Advanced x1](6) Afterburners(3) Passive SensorsPoints: 76
(57) "Whisper" [TIE/ph Phantom](9) Fifth Brother(3) Passive SensorsPoints: 69
(52) Grand Inquisitor [TIE Advanced v1]Points: 52
Total points: 197


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