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Szabó Gergő - The Outlaw


New Squadron
(49) 4-LOM [G-1A Starfighter](0) Jamming Beam(5) 0-0-0(10) Advanced Sensors(3) Elusive(2) Mist HunterPoints: 69
(68) Fenn Rau [Fang Fighter](2) PredatorPoints: 70
(30) Sunny Bounder [M3-A Interceptor]Points: 30
(30) Captain Seevor [Modified TIE/ln Fighter]Points: 30
Total points: 199

New Squadron
(38) Cova Nell [Resistance Transport](2) R4 Astromech(19) Leia Organa(1) HeroicPoints: 60
(68) Poe Dameron [T-70 X-wing](2) R4 Astromech(2) Autoblasters(0) Integrated S-foils(1) MarksmanshipPoints: 73
(55) Nien Nunb [T-70 X-wing](0) Integrated S-foils(1) Heroic(5) Pattern Analyzer(2) Black OnePoints: 63
Total points: 196


You can view a visual list of obstacles here: X-Wing Obstacles
No obstacles selected.