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Development Timeline

August 2017

Release 20170814

  • Event Location Settings: Events now have a location that defaults from the T.O. user account.
  • User Location Settings: Users can set their location settings (Country/State/City/Venue) from their account settings page
  • Home Page and Event Search pages now have an updated layout that displays more information about the events including location, hostname and attendance figures.
  • Event Search is now filterable by location.
  • Series Delegation: A user can now delegate access to other users to add events to a series they have created. This is accessed through the account settings page.
  • Standings and Round Pairings now have options to generate a print-friendly version.
  • Destiny Circuit Numbers: Allows anyone to register details and create a DCN for use in the Destiny Players Circuit. Registered TTT users can link their TTT account to create a DCN.
  • T.O.s can add DCNs for players to any Destiny event
  • Event Bulk Import Feature: You can now import or add multiple non-user players to an event using the Bulk Import Feature
  • Updated plugins for xws-spec, xwing-data, xwing minatures font
May 2017

Release 20170502

  • Damage deck tracking for X-Wing. Along side their lists players can now track which damage deck they are using in a tournament.
  • Pools(BETA). Tournament organisers can now split a single event into multiple pools while still tracking players on the overall ladder.
  • Added an option to randomly select a player from the ladder in an event.
  • Obstacle tracking for X-Wing. Along side their lists players can now track which obstacles they are using in a tournament.
  • Added support for Force of Will TCG tournaments
  • Simple Win/Loss tournaments now also have an option for Draw.
  • Re-skinned the full screen tournament ladder and round pairing displays
  • Made changes to swiss round draws to prevent a possible infinite loop in pairing players.
March 2017

Release 20170331

  • Added support for Epic Armageddon tournaments.
  • T.O.s can now add an image or banner to events.
  • T.O.s can now hide the ladder for an event if they do not want players to know results during an event.
  • Resolved bugs associated with adding custom series scoring to an event.
  • Sorted a bunch of bugs in the RSS feed.

Release 20170317

  • Added support for Age of Sigmar tournaments. Three different scoring methods are currently available.

Release 20170314

  • Match results can now be filtered by status to help TO's find and enter/cofirm missing results.
  • Beta version of X-Wing Stream UI/overlay
  • Simplified adding players to an event by hiding options under an 'Advanced' section
February 2017

Release 20170205

  • Club affiliation - registered users can now set their club/affiliation in their users settings - this is diaplyed on the ladder for any events they attend.
  • Voting - admins can now create polls and registered users can vote on them.
  • User signups - admins can now allow registered users to sign up to their events.
  • Random tables now have an option to specify the number of available tables
  • Changed login method to allow users to stay permanently logged in.
January 2017

Release 20170114

  • Random table options now avoid tables that have been played on previously and can accept a maximum number of tables
  • Moved to swiftmail lib to help stop confirmation emails being flagged as spam.
  • Bug with timer display after timer had finished and was paused.

Release 20170108

  • Links on login page to request account confirmation email resending
  • User settings page with change password and display name editing

Release 20170101

  • Adds support for FFG Star Wars: Destiny tournament rules
  • Round draw type limited based on previous round draw selections.
  • Bye player removed from statistics
  • Better support for non-latin character sets
December 2016

Release 20161217

  • Random table functionality when drawing rounds.
  • X-Wing match results now auto-fill based on points entered.
  • Adds support for Flames of War tournaments
  • Add final salvo support for X-Wing exports to List Juggler
  • Improves security for list uploads and storage.

Release 20161206

  • Added a generic game type for unsupported games with Win/Loss scoring.
  • List image upload size increased to 1024Kb
  • User submitted lists. Registered users can now submit their own lists for events they are registered in.
  • List Juggler exports - X-Wing event admins can now export event details and full lists (if lists have been uploaded via XWS) directly to List Juggler. They can also remove or modify the event details on List Juggler.
  • Adds basic support in for a top cut bracket display
  • Adds Win/Loss support for Star Wars: Destiny
  • Fixed an issue with Win/Loss create round selection display.
November 2016

Release 20161117

  • User submitted results. Registered users can submit results for their own matches without T.O. intervention

Release 20161109

  • Added a 'lists' tab for each event to easily display all attendee lists
  • XWS format list import and display for X-Wing
  • XWS export for XWS imported lists
  • Rich text or HTML text lists now have most html tags stripped from them, except basic formatting ones
  • Events in a series now sort by date rather than alphabetically
  • Fixed issue with player name popovers not working in iOS
  • Bug with series ladder ranking and display

Release 20161107

  • Round timers now have pause and reset buttons. Also added an edit button to make it easier to change the timer value
  • Error message displayed when attempting to generate matches when there are incomplete scores entered from previous rounds
  • Server offline maintenance page instead of 404
  • Fullscreen match display now uses more of the available screen space
  • Adding match results now has more meaningful error reporting
  • Bug with contact form email getting blocked server side
  • Bugs with round timer causing progress bar display errors
  • Bug preventing reCaptcha form element from displaying correctly in contact and bug report pages
  • SQL errors on fullscreen ladder display page
  • Bug with invalid characters in event name
October 2016

Release 20161021

  • Progress bar and audio alerts added for round timers

Release 20161019

  • Create New Event added to all pages, accessed through Events menu
  • Proper error handling and user feedback when generating matches
  • Moved common JS files into include

Release 20161017

  • Added championship/top cut ranks to event ladders
  • Security across the site improved
  • Improved round draws for top cuts - now auto selects the correct settings for subsequent rounds
  • Fixed interface issue with Top 2 cuts not getting automatically renamed
  • Custom series scoring for event now uses championship ranks first, then swiss ranks

Release 20161014

  • Basic Faction stats for events
  • URL changes for event tabs, page reloads should no longer reload a different tab
  • Proper front and back end form validation for most forms
  • Complete rewrite for match/rounds display and record keeping. Populates fields based on DB rulesets. Uses boostrap grid instead of responsive tables.
  • Tab layout for event page changed
  • Match and faction changes on event ladders now AJAX'd
  • New toggles added for changing column visiblity in event ladders
  • Broken sign-up link when logged in on TOS page
  • JS form submissions redirecting to wrong locations
  • Ironic errors with status 404 page
  • Event tabs not refreshing after adding match results

Release 20161008

  • Per event custom scoring for series
  • User confirmation before deleting round
  • Descriptions of features in popups for event management
  • Bug/issue reporting page
  • Custom links for events can now be added and managed without needing to wait for page reloads
  • More descriptive auto-populated round names for top cuts
  • New and improved footer on all pages
  • Changelog now populates from CMS
  • Custom event links not displaying when more than one recorded
  • Wrong redirect after deleting round from an event
  • Series ladders ordering and display

Release 20161002

  • Sitemap page
  • Cookie consent interface
  • HTML title for icons on events page
  • Contact form
  • Weird scrolling issue with low attendee numbers on showLadder page
September 2016

Release 20160929

  • Kings of War support
  • Rich text format list upload and display
  • List management page to cater for text uploads and display
  • Implemented stacktable.js to support narrow viewports when viewing match details

Release 20160927

  • New URL -
  • HTTPS site security
  • Ability to add multiple players to an event without closing the modal
  • Password reset interface
  • TOS and privacy policy
  • Development updates page (this)
  • Replaced non-https external URLs
  • Form validation for adding players to an event

Release 20160926

  • User registration email confirmation
  • User registration page
  • Series custom scoring by event ranks
  • Series detail page
  • Series search page
  • Series options when editing event details
  • Series option when creating an event
  • Users must now confirm email address before they can log in
  • Dropdown menus in rounds right aligned to prevent moving off screen
  • Login/out button displaying incorrectly when not the admin for an event or series
  • Tweaked game layout to hopefully prevent layout issues on smaller resolution screens
  • Star Wars: X-Wing not accepting custom point values
  • Alignment on 'Create Event' button in /events