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Affiliation: Hero

Characters, Plot and Battlefield: Chewbacca - The Beast x2
Tarfful - Chieftain of Kachihro x 2
Plot - Valorous Tribe
Battlefield - Salt Flats - Crait

Decklist (you can just copy from swdestinydb): Upgrade (14 10 )
x2 A-300 Blaster ()
x2 Bounty Hunter Mask
x2 Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle ()
x2 DX-2 Disruptor Blaster Pistol ()
x2 Fortitude
x2 Quicksilver Baton ()
x2 Vibrosword ()

Support (2 )
x2 Wookiee Protection

Event (14 )
x2 Electroshock
x2 Feat of Strength
x1 Fling
x2 Imposing Figure
x2 Loth-Cat and Mouse
x1 Rebel Assault
x2 Run to Safety
x2 Truce