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David Khan


ecklist (you can just copy from swdestinydb): Plots: 4 pointsCharacters: 27 points, 4 diceDraw deck: 30 cards, 6 diceFormat: ARH StandardSets: Spirit of Rebellion, Convergence, Spark of Hope, Covert Missions, Transformations, Faltering AllegiancesPoints limit exceededBattlefield
Nightsister LairPlot (1)
Closing InCharacter (2)
4-LOM2Zuckuss2Upgrade (8 6 )
x2 Armor Platingx2 DX-2 Disruptor Blaster Pistol ()x2 Gauntlet Rockets ()x2 Pulse Cannon ()Downgrade (8 )
x2 Dead Or Alivex2 Death Markx2 Forced Laborx2 Wanted
Event (14 )
x2 Bounty Avertedx2 Dangerous Escapex2 Hunt Them Downx2 Near Missx2 Prey Uponx2 Survival Instinctx2 Tireless Pursuit