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Top ryde tusken traiters brawl

Star Wars: Legion

  • 09-02-2020
  • 13:00
  • Michael mooney
  • Australia/New South Wales/Sydney/2112
  • 6
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Player Rank Faction W/L SOS/extSOS Club/Affiliation Group
Michael mooney R1-2/00.50/0.63
Mitchell collinsR2-1/10.75/0.38
Tim Webb R3-1/10.50/0.50Top Ryde Tusken Traitors
Ed HeagneyR4-1/10.25/0.63
Michael Collins R5-0/10.50/0.50
Christopher FooR6-0/10.50/0.25

Round 2 (Swiss)


Round 1 (Swiss)

Round 2: Mitchell collins def. Ed Heagney

3 months ago

Round 2: Michael mooney def. Tim Webb

3 months ago

Round 2 draw created

3 months ago

Round 1: Michael mooney def. Mitchell collins

3 months ago

Round 1: Ed Heagney def. Christopher Foo

3 months ago

Round 1: Tim Webb def. Michael Collins

4 months ago

Round 1 draw created

4 months ago

Top ryde tusken traiters brawl event created

4 months ago

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