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Gary Grantham


Gary Grantham Necron Tempest 1250Necrons - Incursion - Grand Tournament ( 6CP - 1250PT - -250PT )
Necrons Patrol Detachment ( 2CP - 1250PT ) SUB-FACTION: Custom/Chuck Norris
HQWARLORD: Overlord (125) Staff of light, Resurrection orb  TRAITS: Thrall of the Silent King  RELICS: Veil of DarknessSkorpekh Lord (130)      
TROOPSNecron Warriors (260)20x Necron Warrior: Gauss reaper      Necron Warriors (260)20x Necron Warrior: Gauss reaper      
ELITESCryptothralls (40)2x Cryptothrall      Skorpekh Destroyers (210)4x Skorpekh Destroyer2x Skorpekh Destroyer with hyperphase reap-blade      
FAST ATTACKCanoptek Scarab Swarms (120)8x Scarab Swarm      Canoptek Scarab Swarms (105)7x Scarab Swarm      
Total Command Points: 2/8Reinforcement Points: -250Total Points: 1250/1000

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