Team Tournament scoring and draw - Ladder (18)

Player Rank Faction W/L Points/MOV/SOS
Steel City X-Wing1-2/02/10/0.33
The Blast Doors2-2/02/8/0.44
Crit me baby one more time3-2/02/8/0.33
Team 1 Star4-2/02/8/0.22
The Chosenwan5-2/02/8/0.22
Sith Takers6-1/11/8/0.56
Echo Squadron7-1/11/8/0.44
The Bad Batch8-1/11/8/0.44
Bembel Bombers9-1/11/8/0.22
The Firecast10-1/21/6/0.33
TNX Mango11-1/11/6/0.33
Sith happens12-1/11/6/0.33
Tartan Tuskens13-1/11/6/0.33
Team James14-1/11/4/0.22
Around the World15-0/20/4/0.44
Crit Happens16-0/20/4/0.33
Imported Woollen Jackets17-0/20/2/0.50
TNX Olive18-0/20/2/0.44