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Team Jawa Life Day Holiday League

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

Team Jawa's Life Day Holiday League is a casual event where players have roughly 6 weeks to play 5 games. Players can win up to 10 cards from previous Team Jawa events for playing! Please see the rules document for more info.

  • 14-01-2022
  • Andrew Lippens
  • USA/Florida/Orlando
  • Team Jawa
  • 39
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Player Rank Faction W/L Points/MOV/SOS Club/Affiliation Group
Adam Hill (CloneRedleg)R1-0/00/0/0.00Nova Squadron
Alan RonnR2-0/00/0/0.00
Andrew BlockR3-0/00/0/0.00Atlanta HWKs
Andy MyersR4-0/00/0/0.00Glitterstim ASMR, Old Guard
Ben RobertsR5-0/00/0/0.00405th Squadron
Brent Scott (UTC-8)R6-0/00/0/0.00Warlock Squadron
Brian CollisR7-0/00/0/0.00JSXWG
Bruce E. (UTC-7)R8-0/00/0/0.00The Paper Ace's
Carlos García LazoR9-0/00/0/0.00General Quenoobies Squadron / X Wing Colombia
Christopher Patrick (chrispy)R10-0/00/0/0.00Viper Squadron/Tauntaun Squadron/Bearded Squadron/Hexiled Gaming
Christopher Spenner (Spinner)R11-0/00/0/0.00Omega Squadron Podcast/Viper Squadron GS9527
Cobalt#8341 GMTR12-0/00/0/0.00Team Jawa
Coffee MinionR13-0/00/0/0.00Team Jawa
Connor PrinceR14-0/00/0/0.00Rancor Squadron
Darin SchwarzeR15-0/00/0/0.00Stilly Squadron
Drew "Goose" FahrionR16-0/00/0/0.00Fly Kampuchea | ហោះហើរកម្ពុជា
Elijah HillakerR17-0/00/0/0.00515th
Henry HoukR18-0/00/0/0.00Shaken Pilots
Jared StarwarsR19-0/00/0/0.00Cowtown Kajidic
Jeremy GreenR20-0/00/0/0.00
Jim (Specter)R21-0/00/0/0.007 Suns Squadron
JJ Giron (PsychJ7) UTC-4R22-0/00/0/0.00Planning Phase Syndicate
Joel SpringleR23-0/00/0/0.007 Suns, 207, 312, DaD, Sith, RO, Jawa...
Joseph ThornhillR24-0/00/0/0.00Team Jawa
Josh orlinskyR25-0/00/0/0.00MBS
Juan Sebast Quinche purpledragonR26-0/00/0/0.00X-wing Colombia
Kenton Naka (ken10naka)R27-0/00/0/0.00Curio Flight Crew
Kyle TreubertR28-0/00/0/0.00Team Jawa
Nsara NopR29-0/00/0/0.00505th Squadron
Remi BureauR30-0/00/0/0.00Escadrille S.A.L.T.
Rogelio Hernandez (Rohert Tesla)R31-0/00/0/0.00
Rusty Bratton R32-0/00/0/0.00Black havocs GS7087
Sami-Petteri UlvinenR33-0/00/0/0.00IndyKCrew / Hexiled Gaming / GS7734
Shawn Mason (OctopusCrime)R34-0/00/0/0.00Bytown Smugglers GS4285
Teagan HuntingtonR35-0/00/0/0.00WLB / 512th / GS1161
Thomas WittenbergR36-0/00/0/0.00Stilly Squadron
TimOpinR37-0/00/0/0.00Dad Gaming GS0374
Tom FieldsendR38-0/00/0/0.00Resist Tank
Zach K (Keirbor)R39-0/00/0/0.00Team Jawa
Rounds are yet to be drawn, check back soon!

Team Jawa Life Day Holiday League event created

7 months ago

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