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STG Unnatural resources 1

Star Wars: Legion

  • 23-07-2022
  • JD "Gladiator" Nielson
  • USA/Utah/St George/Game Haven
  • 7
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Player Rank Faction W/L SOS/extSOS Club/Affiliation Group
JD "Gladiator" NielsonR1-2/00.50/0.50Red Rock Rangers GS2738
Drake OlivierR2-2/00.00/0.88
Payton PehrsonR3-1/10.50/0.63
Treylon Nielson (Nitro_Phantom)R4-1/00.00/1.00Red Rock Rangers
Esteban MataR5-0/11.00/0.00
Chris K.R6-0/11.00/0.00
Michael Dunn (ta5erface)R7-0/20.75/0.25Red Rock Rangers

Round 2: Drake Olivier def. ta5erface

26 days ago

Round 2: JD "Gladiator" Nielson def. Payton Pehrson

26 days ago

Round 2 draw created

26 days ago

Round 1: Payton Pehrson def. ta5erface

26 days ago

Round 1: Drake Olivier def. Chris K.

26 days ago

Round 1: JD "Gladiator" Nielson def. BYE

26 days ago

Round 1: Treylon Nielson (Nitro_Phantom) def. Esteban Mata

26 days ago

Round 1 draw created

26 days ago

STG Unnatural resources 1 event created

2 months ago

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