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SWDestinyDBRegionals 2017HeroCharacters: 30 points, 3 diceDraw deck: 30 cards, 11 diceSets: Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, Empire at War, Two-Player Game BattlefieldImperial Armory Character (2) Rebel Trooper1  Mace Windu2  Upgrade (13  11 )x1  Ancient Lightsaber ()x2  Electrostaff ()x2  Force Illusionx2  Master of the Council ()x2  Rey's Lightsaber ()x2  Shoto Lightsaber ()x2  Vibroknife () Event (17 )x2  Cautionx2  Clashx2  Defensive Positionx2  Destinyx2  Dug inx2  Field Medicx2  Force Misdirectionx2  Guardx1  Lightsaber Pull Edit  Publish  Delete  Clone Print  Download 

Version 0.8


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Card types024681012141618SupportForce: 11Total: 17Highcharts.comCard raritiesClick to see more detailsHighcharts.comDice SymbolsDuplicates not countedHighcharts.com9Card CostCost X ignored0123402468101214Cost 3● # cards: 2Highcharts.com Card draw simulator
Draw:125allResetOdds: 0% – 0% more
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