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Luke Frankcombe


Characters: 28 points, 2 dice

Draw deck: 30 cards, 7 dice

Sets: Awakenings, Spirit of Rebellion, Empire at War, Two-Player Game Battlefield: Otoh Gunga 

Character (1): ePalpatine 


Upgrade (9 cards, 7 dice)

x2 Force Illusion 

x1 Force Lightning

x1 Force Speed

x1 Force Throw

x2 Mind Probe

x2 Sith Holocron


Support (2 cards)

x2 Insidious 


Event (19 cards)

x2 Deflect 

x2 Doubt 

x2 Endurance 

x2 Feel Your Anger 

x1 High Ground 

x2 Indomitable 

x2 Intimidate

x2 Isolation

x1 No Mercy

x2 Rise Again 

x1 Sound The Alarm