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Solstice Sundays - 2.6 X-Wing

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

This will be my first ever event running using the brand new X-Wing 2.6 Rules! (and just ever) Sunday 3rd of July 2022 TTO for the event: Coming Soon ! This event will use the current released 2.6 rules upto 2 week before the event and will be played using the standard format and scenarios. All the information on this can be found here https://www.atomicmassgames.com/xwing-documents Scenario rules to be provided along with reference guides for the changes from 2.0 rules 20 point limit. 4 rounds Prizes: To be confirmed!

Player Rank Faction W/D/L EP SOS/MP Club/Affiliation Group
Austen Green1-0/0/000.00/0
Craig Merrit2-0/0/000.00/0
Duwain Warren Marnitz3-0/0/000.00/0
Jake RidgleyR4-0/0/000.00/0Boscombe Down and Amesbury Wargames Club
Mark Walsh5-0/0/000.00/0
Sam CooperR6-0/0/000.00/0Tin Squadron GS5441
Sean OakleyR7-0/0/000.00/0Tin Squadron - GS7482
Steven Clowes8-0/0/000.00/0
Rounds are yet to be drawn, check back soon!

Solstice Saturdays - 2.5 X-Wing event created

2 months ago

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