TTT will be shutting down 31/10/2022

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Hi everyone, 

TTT will be shutting down as of October 31, 2022. No additional development work will occur.

It's been seven years since it was first started to help run X-Wing events at my FLGS and has since gone on to be used around the globe for almost 500,000 matches at 26,000 events.


A personal shift away from tournament gaming combined with an aging, poorly implemented and difficult to manage code base means working on TTT feels more like a job than the hobby it started as. Anyone who has an unanswered email sent to me over the last 12 months can attest to my heart not being in it any more.

I will continue to update the TTT stream overlay for X-Wing. However it is open source - so if there is anyone out there that would like to contribute or take over please feel welcome.

Thank you to all those that have given feedback, support, donations and love over the years.