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Bill Golding (Goldbear)


Characters (10):Threat: 33Amazing Spider-Man (Threat: 5)Black Cat (Threat: 3)Enchantress (Threat: 4)Ghost-Spider (Threat: 3)Iron Fist (Threat: 3)Lizard (Threat: 3)Lockjaw (Threat: 3)Okoye (Threat: 2)Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (Threat: 3)Venom (Threat: 4).
Tactics (8):Advanced R&DAll Webbed UpMedpack (R)Brace for Impact (R)No Matter the CostSpider-TrackerThe Cat and the SpiderHeroes for Hire.
Secure Crisis (3):Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Descends on Earth (Threat: 16)Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0 (Threat: 17)Infinity Formula Goes Missing! (Threat: 17).
Extract Crisis (3):Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan (Threat: 17)Struggle for the Cube Continues (Threat: 17)Mystic Wakandan Herbs: Fact or Fiction? (Threat: 15).