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Mark Gerow


[Characters]- Angela: 5- Enchantress: 4- Infinity Gem: Mind: 1- Lockjaw: 3- Loki, God of Mischief: 4- Medusa: 4- Okoye: 2- Thor, Prince of Asgard: 5- Toad: 2- Valkyrie: 3
[Team Tactics]- Advanced R&D- Bitter Rivals- Brace for Impact- Disarm- Medpack- Odin's Blessing- Rainbow Bridge- Sibling Rivalry
[Extract Crises]- Fear Grips World as "Worthy" Terrorize Cities [D]: 18- Struggle for the Cube Continues [F]: 17- The Montesi Formula Found [E]: 17
[Secure Crises]- Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest [E]: 15- Portals Overrun City with Spider-People [D]: 18- Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0 [D]: 17