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Santa Claus Clash - OCEANIA

Marvel Crisis Protocol

This is a 1 day tournament in the AEST time zone. Full rules at https://tinyurl.com/ttstourney . You must sign up and submit your roster by Friday 18-Dec at 21:00 bracket time. Games should not go for longer than 2 hours and be played within a 3 hour window as shown below. Make note of the time when you both enter the game room. At the 2 hour mark thereafter, finish your current turn and then end the game as if it were turn 6. Round 1: 09.00-12.00 (e.g., game from 9-11 and then a break from 11-12) Round 2: 12.00-15.00 Round 3: 15.00-18.00. Please note in the "Roster" box who had priority and what threat value was played.

  • 19-12-2020
  • 09:00
  • TTS-MCP Admin
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Norbert BrunhuberR10/0/00.00/0/0
Rounds are yet to be drawn, check back soon!

Season 3 Betta Splendens League - OCEANIA event created

2 years ago

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