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[Characters]- M.O.D.O.K.: 5- Magneto: 6- Mystique: 3- Okoye: 2- Sabretooth: 4- Shuri: 3- Spider-Man (Miles Morales): 3- Toad: 2- Valkyrie: 3- Vision: 4
[Team Tactics]- All You've Got- Asteroid M- Climbing Gear- Deception- Field Dressing- Hired Muscle- Magnetic Refraction- Medpack
[Extract Crises]- Panic Grips City as Evacuation Efforts Continue! [B]: 19- Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan [F]: 17- The Montesi Formula Found [E]: 17
[Secure Crises]- Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due? [E]: 19- Infinity Formula Goes Missing [B]: 17- Mayor Fisk Vows to Find Missing Witnesses [C]: 16