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Norwich Last Stand Winter Warpstorm

Warhammer 40,000

  • 26-02-2022
  • Chris Elliott
  • -
  • 18/24
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Player Rank Faction W/D/L GT Points Bonus Points Total Points STW/LB/FB/Units Destroyed Club/Affiliation Group
Adam WrightR1-0/0/00000/0/0/0Norwich Last Stand
BlackCrow ArronR3-0/0/00000/0/0/0Blackcrow
Chris CR4-0/0/00000/0/0/0Misfits
Chris HerronR5-0/0/00000/0/0/0Norwich Last Stand
Connor NichollsR6-0/0/00000/0/0/0Misfits
Gene WilsonR7-0/0/00000/0/0/0
ian johnsonR8-0/0/00000/0/0/0Norwich last stand
Jack KavanaghR9-0/0/00000/0/0/0
James EverettR10-0/0/00000/0/0/0Last Stand Norwich
Jason HurdR11-0/0/00000/0/0/0Norwich Last Stand
Kevin NichollsR12-0/0/00000/0/0/0Misfits
Michael PeakeR14-0/0/00000/0/0/0Norwich Last Stand
Ollie ThornR15-0/0/00000/0/0/0Misfits
Teague WarrenR17-0/0/00000/0/0/0
Unstable Llama (UK) R18-0/0/00000/0/0/0Moldy crows GSP1883
Rounds are yet to be drawn, check back soon!

Norwich Last Stand Winter Warpstorm event created

6 months ago

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