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Mike d'Amboise


sam avengers
Characters (10):Threat: 35Hulk (Threat: 6)*Captain America (Sam Wilson) (Threat: 3)Black Widow (Threat: 2)Juggernaut (Threat: 5)Luke Cage (Threat: 3)Toad (Threat: 2)Vision (Threat: 4)Iron Fist (Threat: 3)Hood (Threat: 3)Doctor Voodoo (Threat: 4)
Tactics (10):Patch Up (R)Brace for Impact (R)Avengers AssembleFollow MeDo You Know Who I Am?Marked for DeathEscort to SafetyBird of PreyMission ObjectiveHeroes for Hire
Secure Crisis:S.W.O.R.D. Establishes Base on Moon's Blue Area (Threat: 14)Intrusions Open Across City as Seals Collapse (Threat: 19)Portals Overrun City with Spider-People! (Threat: 18)
Extract Crisis:Alien Ship Crashes in Downtown! (Threat: 20)Mutant Extremists Target U.S. Senators! (Threat: 14)Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership (Threat: 17)

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