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Jim Bayne


Discord NameBaneChain NameJim Bayne
Are you changing your Roster?Yes
Secure CrisisInfinity Formula Goes Missing!
Mutant Madman Turns City Center Into Lethal Amusement Park
S.W.O.R.D. Establishes Base on Moon’s Blue Area
Extract CrisisFear Grips World as "Worthy" Terrorize Cities
Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan
Struggle for the Cube Continues
Characters TakenCrossbones
Heimdall the All-Seeing
Malekith the Accursed ✪
Rocket Raccoon
Sin ✪
Skurge the Executioner
Thor Prince of Asgard ✪
Tactics Cards TakenBrace for Impact (R)
Dark Reign
Deadly Duo
Illicit Tech
Meet My Executioner
Midnight Phantasmagoria
Odin's Blessing
Patch Up (R)
Rainbow Bridge
Versatile Strategy
Bracket Selection
Which bracket are you in?USA East (EST/EDT)

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