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Emil Nicolaisen (Chautos)


Discord NameChautos NameEmil Nicolaisen (Chautos)
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Secure CrisisDeadly Meteors Mutate CiviliansDemons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due?Intrusions open across city as seals collapse
Extract CrisisDeadly Legacy Virus Cured?Research Station Attacked!The Montesi Formula Found
Characters TakenAncient OneBaron MordoCleaDoctor Strange Sorcerer SupremeDoctor VoodooMagikMalekith the Accursed ✪Shadowlands Daredevil ✪ToadWong
Tactics Cards TakenBar with no Doors ✪Book of CagliostroBrace for Impact (R)Iron Bound Books of Shuma-GorathJourney through LimboMidnight PhantasmagoriaOrb of AgamottoPatch Up (R)Plane of PolhldahkSmash
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