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Marvel Crisis Protocol Tournament

Marvel Crisis Protocol

A tournament for Atomic Mass Games Marvel Superheroes miniatures game. Players will need to assemble a roster as per the team building rules (as updated on the SMG website). To accomodate players with a small collection, there is no minimum roster size, (but this may place you at a disadvantage). Players will need to bring the models, rulers, counters and cards necessary to play their chosen force (but check the AMG website for updated stat and crisis cards). Bewarned - some characters have had their cards updated and some tactics cards are banned for tournament play. The Prize pool will be made up of Ultimate Encounter: Dormammu cards and tokens for Dormammu as an Ultimate Encounter. Registration at the venue can be found here: Proxies: there are some great third party alternatives out there, these are allowed on the table - but for the avoidance of any potential problems, please bring the official MCP figure as well - jus

  • 13-08-2022
  • 10:30
  • Mark Norfolk
  • United Kingdom/Wrexham/4th Planet Games
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Marvel Crisis Protocol Tournament event created

3 months ago

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