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Travis “Mongo” White


Hyperspace: Valid

Scum and Villainy (20)
cadbane rogueclassstarfighter (5)
Fearless + Heavy Laser Cannon + False Transponder Codes + xanadublood + Rook Kast
N’dru Suhlak Z-95-AF4 Headhunter (3)
Cluster Missiles + False Transponder Codes
Bossk Z-95-AF4 Headhunter (3)
Marksmanship + Predator + Cluster Missiles + False Transponder Codes
Han Solo Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter (6)
Trick Shot + Maul + Agile Gunner + Engine Upgrade + Lando's Millennium Falcon
Lando Calrissian Escape Craft (3)
Marksmanship + Tactical Officer

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You can view a visual list of obstacles here: X-Wing Obstacles
No obstacles selected.
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