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Kenny Turner


Hyperspace: Valid

First Order (20)
Gideon Hask Xi-class Light Shuttle (4)
Fanatical + Proud Tradition + Sensor Buoy Suite + Biohexacrypt Codes + Tactical Officer + Ablative Plating
“Scorch” TIE/se Bomber (4)
Feedback Ping + Targeting Synchronizer + Ion Missiles + Bomblet Generator
“Dread” TIE/se Bomber (4)
Plasma Torpedoes + First Order Ordnance Tech + Bomblet Generator
“Grudge” TIE/se Bomber (4)
Feedback Ping + Automated Target Priority + Ion Missiles + Skilled Bombardier + Proximity Mines + Delayed Fuses
Sienar-Jaemus Test Pilot TIE/se Bomber (4)
Automated Target Priority + Ion Missiles + Bomblet Generator + Delayed Fuses

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You can view a visual list of obstacles here: X-Wing Obstacles
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