20-Mar: Fixed issue with X-Wing 2.5 pairings.

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Paul Cadwell


Hyperspace: Valid

Scum and Villainy (20)
Bossk YV-666 Light Freighter (7)
Hound's Tooth + Overtuned Modulators + Jabba the Hutt + BT-1 + Hull Upgrade + Notorious
Manaroo JumpMaster 5000 (4)
Punishing One + Migs Mayfeld + Autoblasters
Koshka Frost Firespray-class Patrol Craft (7)
Marauder + Ahsoka Tano + Veteran Tail Gunner
Ahhav Modified TIE/ln Fighter (2)

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You can view a visual list of obstacles here: X-Wing Obstacles
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