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Paul Johnson


Hyperspace: Not Valid

Separatist Alliance (200)
DIS-T81 Droid Tri-Fighter (46)
Crack Shot + Cluster Missiles + Electronic Baffle
Onderon Oppressor HMP Droid Gunship (63)
Concussion Missiles + TV-94 + GNK "Gonk" Droid + Seismic Charges + Stealth Device + Repulsorlift Stabilizers
Baktoid Drone HMP Droid Gunship (45)
Homing Missiles + Conner Nets + Repulsorlift Stabilizers
DFS-311 Vulture-class Droid Fighter (25)
Ion Missiles + Grappling Struts + Independent Calculations
Separatist Drone Vulture-class Droid Fighter (21)
Grappling Struts + Independent Calculations

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You can view a visual list of obstacles here: X-Wing Obstacles
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