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Hoth - Galaxies 2021 Qualifier

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

Player Rank Faction W/L Points/MOV/SOS Club/Affiliation Group
Adam SmithR1-0/00/0/0.00
Alexander BuffR2-0/00/0/0.00Hangar 19 - Indy
Andrew "johnny_raye" FergusonR3-0/00/0/0.00Queen City Squadron
Blake McKenzieR4-0/00/0/0.00336th Tauntaun Squadron
Bradley SmithR5-0/00/0/0.00
Brandon CareyR6-0/00/0/0.00Militant Casuals
Bruce E.(Brucey1TWO3)R7-0/00/0/0.00
Cam Murray R8-0/00/0/0.00Grand River X-Wing
Catherine SturgisR9-0/00/0/0.00Nyxsera Cosplay
Charles Fletcher IIIR10-0/00/0/0.00
Chase FairR11-0/00/0/0.00
Christopher TannerR12-0/00/0/0.00
Daniel LeonR13-0/00/0/0.00Hex/Octa Gaming
Darrell SteidleyR14-0/00/0/0.00Alamo Squadron
Douglas FogleinR15-0/00/0/0.00Liberty Squadron
Enrico Kuppe "ENNO"R16-0/00/0/0.00One-Crit-Wonders
Fred Hayes (Broadcloak)R17-0/00/0/0.00
Jacob TordaR18-0/00/0/0.00
Jason Chong (UTC -7)R19-0/00/0/0.00209th Starfighter Squadron
Jason GrimmR20-0/00/0/0.00Lake Superior Squadron
Jason MillerR21-0/00/0/0.00Tucson Raiders
Jason ZwaagstraR22-0/00/0/0.00Trigger Happy Flyboys
JD Nielson R23-0/00/0/0.00So UT Star Wars Games
Jeremy Bell (Ladrion)R24-0/00/0/0.00
Joel SpringleR25-0/00/0/0.007 Suns
John DeBoerR26-0/00/0/0.00
Jonas MalapasR27-0/00/0/0.00
Justin Brown (DavinFelth)R28-0/00/0/0.00QC X-Wing
Justin CarverR29-0/00/0/0.00Outer Rim Heroes
Kaspars BulindzsR30-0/00/0/0.00Amber Squadron
Kelly WIlsonR31-0/00/0/0.00
Kyle Zook R32-0/00/0/0.00
Luke KowandR33-0/00/0/0.00Blizzard Squadron
Mackay GoldringR34-0/00/0/0.00Chinook squadron
Marcel ManzanoR35-0/00/0/0.00Gold Squadron
Michael CarpenterR36-0/00/0/0.00Geektech Industries
Michael PetrellaR37-0/00/0/0.00
Mike MassiahR38-0/00/0/0.00Geektech Industries
Nicholas TobinR39-0/00/0/0.00
Paul Sabourin-HertzogR40-0/00/0/0.00Hexiled & Cascadian Gamers
Richard Owen III (rowen3)R41-0/00/0/0.00
Ryan NeuschR42-0/00/0/0.00Texas Tauntauns
Sean BowmanR43-0/00/0/0.00Capital Corsairs
Shane JonesR44-0/00/0/0.00209th Squadron
Sjon QuinnR45-0/00/0/0.00
Stephen WeilandR46-0/00/0/0.00The Blast Doors
Steven Read (Frozen_Wampa)R47-0/00/0/0.00TCX
Tara DevlinR48-0/00/0/0.00
Trevor BettsR49-0/00/0/0.00Team Mech Killers
Walker ShanklinR50-0/00/0/0.00NYC X-wing
Zackrey Pharis R51-0/00/0/0.00Bluegrass X-Wing
Rounds are yet to be drawn, check back soon!

Hoth - Galaxies 2021 Qualifier event created

1 month ago

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