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GMI Games: Extended Dogfight 10/12/2019

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

EVENT INFO: • $5 per player entry fee. • Extended Dogfight • Registration begins at 11 am, and the first round begins at 12 pm. • Minimum of three 75-minute rounds, each with a 10-minute setup timer. Maximum rounds determined by player count. No progression cut. We'll have a short break halfway through if running four or more rounds. • Please create an account if you do not already have one (they're free!) and sign up for the event! You may also upload your list at any point up until the beginning of the event (don't worry, they'll be private!). Please upload the list using XWS format where possible. If you do not wish to register in this fashion, please bring a printed or hand-written squadron sheet with you.

  • 12-10-2019
  • Warlock Squadron
  • USA/California/Riverside/GMI Games
  • 11
  • Lists Hidden+Unlocked
  • Ladder Visible
  • Signups Open
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Player Rank Faction W/L Points/MOV/SOS Club/Affiliation Group
Andrew TwaR1-0/00/0/0.00Commiefornia Krayts on the Bottom on Top
Bruce E. (UTC-7)R2-0/00/0/0.00The Paper Ace's
Cameron PayneR3-0/00/0/0.00
Chad SmithR4-0/00/0/0.00Smoke Squad
Drew BrodyR5-0/00/0/0.00Worst Coast Children/GS2864
Enrique BenitezR6-0/00/0/0.00Warlock Squadron
isaiah brodyR7-0/00/0/0.00worst coast children
Mike NR8-0/00/0/0.00
Mitchell RaabR9-0/00/0/0.00Elsinore Ewoks
Rick HernandezR10-0/00/0/0.00
Trevor BettsR11-0/00/0/0.00Team Mech Killers
Rounds are yet to be drawn, check back soon!

GMI Games: Extended Dogfight 10/12 event created

3 years ago

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