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Gitmob Charity Brawl 2022

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Gitmob Gaming are proud to announce their 1st one day event, which is also in support of the brilliant charity CALM, the campaign for living miserably. The charity seeks to break taboos around mental health, offer support for mental health issues and prevent cases of Suicide. This Age of sigmar matched play event is open to 30 plyers and will consist of 3 games, held at the Bowlers Arms, Newbury. This is ample parking at the venue and a well stocked bar. The cost of entry is 18 which includes a buffet lunch and all profits go to CALM. Please register your interest by e-mailing gitmobevents@gmail.com.

  • 22-01-2022
  • 08:30
  • Matt Ainge
  • United Kingdom/West Berkshire/Newbury/Bowlers Arms
  • 24/24
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Player Rank Alliance W/D/L Bonus TP Total TP SOS/extSOS Club/Affiliation Group
Angus BrainR1-0/0/0000.00/0.00Bucks wargame collective
Ben SmithR2-0/0/0000.00/0.00South Coast Eternals
Chris GreenR3-0/0/0000.00/0.00Gitmob Gaming
Dan GeorgeR4-0/0/0000.00/0.00Bucks Wargame Collective
Donal TaylorR5-0/0/0000.00/0.00Angel Wargamers
James Eveleigh R7-0/0/0000.00/0.00South Coast Eternals
James HansonR8-0/0/0000.00/0.00Bucks wargame collective
Kenney Gibson-ChhetriR9-0/0/0000.00/0.00Bucks Wargame Collective
Kristian BarlowR10-0/0/0000.00/0.00Gitmob Gaming
Liam hallR11-0/0/0000.00/0.00Gitmob
Mark PaddonR12-0/0/0000.00/0.00Bucks Wargames Collective
Matt RogersR13-0/0/0000.00/0.00Gitmob Gaming
Matthew LyonsR14-0/0/0000.00/0.00South Coast Eternals
MICHAEL BROWNINGR15-0/0/0000.00/0.00Bucks Wargame Collective
Nick VaughanR16-0/0/0000.00/0.00Gitmob Gaming
Sam BoyceR18-0/0/0000.00/0.00Gitmob Gaming
Steve CurtisR20-0/0/0000.00/0.00Bucks Wargame Collective
Steve PhillipsR21-0/0/0000.00/0.00Southcoast Eternals
TgmikeyR22-0/0/0000.00/0.00Bucks Wargaming Collective
Tim Pearce R23-0/0/0000.00/0.00Gitmob Gaming
wil potterR24-0/0/0000.00/0.00gitmob gaming
Rounds are yet to be drawn, check back soon!

Gitmob Charity Brawl 2022 event created

3 months ago

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