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Garage Wing

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

  • 29-11-2019
  • Matt Heal
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  • 5
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Player Rank List Faction W/L Points/MOV/SOS Club/Affiliation Group
Mark TurnerR1--0/00/0/0.00ThreeD6
Ben LorkingR2View-0/00/0/0.00Capital Cartel
Matt HealR3--0/00/0/0.00Capital Cartel
Evan TeasdaleR4--0/00/0/0.00Capital Cartel
Ashley CharltonR5--0/00/0/0.00

Round 1 (Swiss)

Points Destroyed

Round 1 draw created

4 months ago

Garage Wing event created

4 months ago

Faction Breakdown


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Galactic Empire (200)
"Echo" TIE/ph Phantom (63)
Juke + Fire-Control System + Targeting Computer
"Whisper" TIE/ph Phantom (76)
Juke + Passive Sensors + Fifth Brother
Colonel Jendon Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle (61)
Jamming Beam + Emperor Palpatine + ST-321

No list data available

No list data available

No list data available

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