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Matthew McCloskey


Characters: 29 points, 4 diceDraw deck: 30 cards, 13 diceFormat: ARH StandardSets: Awakenings, Convergence, Spark of Hope, Covert Missions, Transformations, Faltering Allegiances BattlefieldSalt Flats Character (2) Padmé Amidala2  Anakin Skywalker2  Upgrade (12  10 )x1  Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber ()x1  BD-1 ()x2  Fortitudex2  Jedi Lightsaber ()x2  Niman Mastery ()x2  Resistance Ring ()x1  Shien Mastery ()x1  Yoda's Lightsaber () Support (6  3 )x2  It Binds All Thingsx1  Merchant Freighterx2  Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship ()x1  Yoda's Spirit () Event (12 )x1  Channel The Forcex1  Draw Closerx1  Electromagnetic Pulsex2  Field Medicx2  Fluid Ripostex1  Infuse The Forcex1  Near Missx2  Side By Sidex1  Upper Hand