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ECHOBASE - The Battle of Hoth

Star Wars: Destiny

This event is sponsored by A Renewed Hope and Aegis Creative Company in conjunction with echobase and is for the Clic Sargant Charity. All entry will be donated to them. Thanks to Gareth Parfitt for nominating this charity for the event. Entry is £10 to be paid to charlismark@gmail.com - please add in the details on your payment; your discord name and tabletop.to name if different. Sign ups will be accepted once payment is received. Format is ARH Standard with whatever the current balance is at the time of the event. 6 Rounds of Swiss cutting to a Top 8 (This may change based on numbers of players) Prizes are awesome - check out our website announcement.

  • 24-04-2021
  • 14:00
  • Echobase - LandoWonka
  • United Kingdom/Hoth/TTS and Discord
  • 10
  • Lists Hidden+Unlocked
  • Ladder Visible
  • Signups Open
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Player Rank Deck Points SOS/ExtSOS Club/Affiliation Group
ArkhanR1-00.00/0.00Separatist Union
corgi314R2-00.00/0.00Curio Cavern
Echobase - LandoWonkaR4-00.00/0.00echobase
Jgh128g R5-00.00/0.00Curio Cavern
keco39R7-00.00/0.00Outpost Ghent
LanzaR8-00.00/0.00Entourage Gaming
Sebastian Van UytfangeR10-00.00/0.00Outpost Ghent
Rounds are yet to be drawn, check back soon!

ECHOBASE - The Battle of Hoth event created

17 days ago

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