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Star Wars: Destiny

Format: TCI Standard. Upload Image or Text of Decklist here. Entry: £1.50. Please paypal to me at charlismark@gmail.com using friends and family option. 4 Rounds to be played. Undefeated player after four rounds is the winner (after three if 8 or less players but four rounds will still be played). Winner receives OP Kit Card of their choice. All games earn points, 2 for a win and 1 for a loss. Points accumulate over the month. End of April players can choose from OP Kit cards available at a cost of 4pts per card.

  • 25-05-2021
  • 19:30
  • LandoWonka
  • United Kingdom/Hoth/TTS and Discord
  • May OP Kit
  • 6
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Player Rank List Deck Points SOS/ExtSOS Club/Affiliation Group
TheBastMasterR1View-40.50/0.51Dice Commando Team
TsukiR3View-30.38/0.57Gungan club
Sebastian Van UytfangeR5View-10.63/0.44Outpost Ghent - GS3072

Round 4 (Swiss)

Round 3 (Swiss)

Round 2 (Swiss)

Round 1 (Swiss)

Round 4: Echobase - LandoWonka def. K-ribou

6 months ago

Round 4: Tsuki def. Sokatora

6 months ago

Round 4: TheBastMaster def. Sebastian Van Uytfange

6 months ago

Round 4 draw created

6 months ago

Round 3: Tsuki def. Sebastian Van Uytfange

6 months ago

Round 3: Echobase - LandoWonka def. Sokatora

6 months ago

Round 3: TheBastMaster def. K-ribou

6 months ago

Round 3 draw created

6 months ago

Round 2: Tsuki def. K-ribou

6 months ago

Round 2: Sebastian Van Uytfange def. Sokatora

6 months ago

Round 2: TheBastMaster def. Echobase - LandoWonka

6 months ago

Round 2 draw created

6 months ago

Round 1: K-ribou def. Sokatora

6 months ago

Round 1: Echobase - LandoWonka def. Sebastian Van Uytfange

6 months ago

Round 1: TheBastMaster def. Tsuki

6 months ago

Round 1 draw created

6 months ago


7 months ago

Faction Breakdown

TCI Maz/R2/2xJJD
HeroRogue / Force
Sets: From Convergence to Parting Words
BATTLEFIELD-----------Pyke Syndicate Mine, Kessel (Covert Missions #159)

CHARACTER---------1x R2-D2, Loyal Companion (Spark of Hope #56)1x Jawa Junk Dealer (Covert Missions #147)1x Jawa Junk Dealer (Covert Missions #147)2x Maz Kanata, Canny Negotiator (Convergence #90)

UPGRADE-------1x Han Solo's Blaster (Spark of Hope #108)1x Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber (Covert Missions #67)1x Moxie (Convergence #104)2x Sonic Detonators (Convergence #172)

SUPPORT-------2x LR-57 Combat Droid (Allies of Necessity #17)2x Merchant Freighter (Covert Missions #154)4x Keeradak (Parting Words #33)2x Entourage (Convergence #152)2x Fickle Mercenaries (Convergence #168)

EVENT-----1x Flank (Allies of Necessity #15)1x Loth-Cat and Mouse (Covert Missions #95)1x Fluid Riposte (Covert Missions #109)2x Harmless Trick (Covert Missions #150)2x Pacify (Eternal Conflict #35)2x Into the Garbage Chute (Eternal Conflict #53)1x Meditative Truce (Eternal Conflict #64)1x Entangle (Eternal Conflict #77)1x Block (Convergence #163)1x Dodge (Convergence #164)

Bad bad bad
HérosFilous / Commandement
Extensions: De Convergence à Clone Wars
CHAMP DE BATAILLE-----------------Watto's Shop, Tatooine (Convergence #180)

INTRIGUE--------Sauver une Princesse (Eternal Conflict #45)

PERSONNAGE----------1x Trooper de Hoth (Spark of Hope #78)2x Han Solo, Vieil crapule (Spark of Hope #96)2x Satine Kryze, Hope of Mandalore (Convergence #91)

AMÉLIORATION------------1x Dé d'Han Solo (Spark of Hope #109)

SOUTIEN-------2x Hommes de main (Allies of Necessity #12)1x Mr Bones (Spark of Hope #106)1x Raiding Party (Covert Missions #143)2x Merchant Freighter (Covert Missions #154)2x Bad Batch (Clone Wars #20)2x Tech Team (Convergence #136)2x Entourage (Convergence #152)

ÉVÉNEMENT---------1x Feat of Strength (Covert Missions #75)1x Covert Mission (Covert Missions #119)2x Reap (Covert Missions #134)2x Dans le Conduit à Ordures (Eternal Conflict #53)2x Empêtrer (Eternal Conflict #77)2x Établir les Plans (Clone Wars #26)2x Flee the Scene (Convergence #95)1x Instigate (Convergence #96)2x Electroshock (Convergence #144)2x Truce (Convergence #149)

Jar de la force 2.0

Force / Command

Sets: From Convergence to Eternal Conflict

Pyke Syndicate Mine, Kessel (Covert Missions #159)

Leading the Front (Eternal Conflict #86)

2x Qui-Gon Jinn, Unconventional Master (Eternal Conflict #33)
2x Jar Jar Binks, Gungan Representative (Eternal Conflict #43)

2x Yoda's Lightsaber (Spark of Hope #74)
2x Niman Mastery (Spark of Hope #122)
1x Ki-Adi-Mundi's Green Lightsaber (Eternal Conflict #40)
1x Qui-Gon Jinn's Trick (Eternal Conflict #41)
2x Curved-Hilt Lightsaber (Eternal Conflict #68)
2x Lore Hunter (Convergence #69)

2x Merchant Freighter (Covert Missions #154)
1x Luke Skywalker's Spirit (Eternal Conflict #38)
2x It Binds All Things (Convergence #116)

2x Clever Distraction (Spark of Hope #113)
2x Fresh Start (Covert Missions #58)
2x Nullify (Covert Missions #60)
1x Pacify (Eternal Conflict #35)
2x Beguile (Eternal Conflict #63)
2x Defensive Blast (Eternal Conflict #69)
2x Emergency Powers (Eternal Conflict #70)
2x No Answer (Convergence #128)

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