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Discover GT 2020

Kings of War

  • 04-04-2020
  • 09:00
  • Bryan Tucker
  • USA/Georgia/Peachtree City/Discover Games
  • 27/30
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Player Rank Faction TP Bonus TP Total TP AP/H2H Club/Affiliation Group
Aaron SwartzR1-0000/0Blues City Brawlers
Allen MorrisonR2-0000/0War KoWs
Ben BowersR3-0000/0Laughing Corpse
Chris BowenR4-0000/0Blues City Brawlers
Christine FrentzR5-0000/0Mattswoman
Christopher GoadR6-0000/0Blues city brawlers
Dan CammackR7-0000/0Blues City Brawlers
David GoodmanR8-0000/0
Devlin SmithR9-0000/0Blues City Brawlers
Dragonborn R10-0000/0
Drew Gaddy11-0000/0
Jacob DattaR12-0000/0Kings of Warlando
Jamie Ward R13-0000/0Kings of Warlando
Jason BrittR14-0000/0Sons of Vulcan
Jeff O'neal15-0000/0
John HeltonR16-0000/0Knoxville Nomad
Kasey BrianR17-0000/0
Kevin DruryR18-0000/0NEWB
Lamarr EddingsR19-0000/0Laughing Corpse
Larry EssickR20-0000/0Georgia KoW
Mathew Morrison R21-0000/0Cantina smugglers
Matthew frentzR22-0000/0Georgia War KoWs
Mike Byrum23-0000/0
Nathan ClevengerR24-0000/0Sons of Vulcan
Patrick JusticeR25-0000/0
Ryan JohnsonR26-0000/0Sons of Vulcan
Steven GarciaR27-0000/0
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