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Theodore Crane


Team Captain
Storm (team captain) - kinda required when X-men only have 1 leader.Honey BadgerX-23BeastDominoRogueUmm...Black Cat, yeah I hear she's good or something.hmm, need an 8th. Wong, cos nobody ever takes himHulk cos I painted a new one. Thanos with Mind and Space gems cos 1 slot, 3 items seems to work.
Tactics Cards
Brace for ImpactField Dressing (original hey)Escort to SafetyIndomitableFirst Class - way better than 3rd classX-ceptional healing (if it has a pun in the name, I'm taking it. Except Punisher. He's not funny).Jonny boi the unstoppable - If nobody stops the juggernaut, wait for this guy to hit you!Eyes of the Prize.To Me My X-men (should probably get renamed "To me, my x-people" because most of my team aren't strictly "x-men")Advanced R&D
CubesSpider infectedFear Grips (Hammers)
Cosmic Invasion!Mutant MadmanExtremis 3.0

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