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Markus Thielsch


Characters (10):Threat: 31Winter Soldier (Threat: 3)War Machine (Threat: 3)Taskmaster (Threat: 3)*Nick Fury (Threat: 4)Iron Man (Threat: 3)Hawkeye (Threat: 3)Black Widow (Threat: 2)Captain Marvel (Threat: 4)Ms. Marvel (Threat: 3)Magik (Threat: 3)
Tactics (10):Battlefield MedicineThe InitiativeThe ShieldmobileDefensive PrototypeEye in the SkyRepositionThe Air ForceFan ClubProfessionalsIndomitable
Secure Crisis:Super-Powered Scoundrels Form Sinister Syndicate! (Threat: 20)Portals Overrun City with Spider-People! (Threat: 18)Terrigen Clouds Sweep Over City (Threat: 20)
Extract Crisis:Deadly Legacy Virus Cured? (Threat: 19)Fear Grips World as "Worthy" Terrorize Cities (Threat: 18)Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan (Threat: 17)

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