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Circle City Cup 1st Annual

Star Wars: Legion

800pt Standard Legion Tournament. 3 rounds. Prizes for undefeated players. Foil promo cards for everyone, along with various other prizes from our sponsors. Entry fee is $10 + toy donation for the Noblesville Fire Department. You will be charged an additional $10 if you do not bring a toy donation this will be directly donated to the fire departments charity drive. September 24th 2022 Doors open at 10. Final Registration Closes 10:30. 372 S 8th St, Noblesville, Indiana 46060

  • 24-09-2022
  • 10:30
  • 317 Legion
  • USA/Indiana/Noblesville/372 South 8th Street
  • 20/20
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  • Signups Open
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Player Rank Faction W/L BP/extBP Club/Affiliation Group
Nate AdamsR1-0/01.00000/1.00000317th Legion
Thomas RussellR2-0/01.00000/1.00000
Henry Schnabel (Shyvalry)R3-0/01.00000/1.00000317th Legion
Tyrus NeffR5-0/01.00000/1.00000317th Legion
weebaer (Brian Baer)R6-0/01.00000/1.00000Indianapolis Garrison
Anthony ImhofR7-0/01.00000/1.00000
Will ThompsonR8-0/01.00000/1.00000Team Trash - Rubbish
Trent HaleR9-0/01.00000/1.00000317th Legion
DavidR10-0/01.00000/1.00000Indianapolis Garrison
Scotticus_Hunticus R11-0/01.00000/1.00000Indianapolis Garrison
AllenWhiteR12-0/01.00000/1.00000317th Legion
P GR13-0/01.00000/1.00000
Mark NotestineR14-0/01.00000/1.00000
Grey FoxR15-0/01.00000/1.00000
Mark SanGiorgioR16-0/01.00000/1.00000
John McNeil (TheCollector)R17-0/01.00000/1.00000Indianapolis Garrison
JasonDR18-0/01.00000/1.00000The 317th legion
Matt Evans (FlawedZombie)R19-0/01.00000/1.00000Indianapolis Garrison
Joseph Hicks (Kass)R20-0/01.00000/1.00000Indianapolis Garrison

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