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Luke Swadling


Hero Roster:1. Baron Zemo2. Winter Soldier3. Captain Marvel4. Captain America (U.S. Agent conversion)5. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop conversion)6. Crossbones (Red Guardian conversion)7. Iron Man (Rescue conversion)8. Sam Wilson, Captain America9. Peter Parker, Spider-Man10. Black Widow (Yelena Belova conversion)
Tactics Cards:1. Disarm2. Heavy Firepower3. Mission Objective4. One-Two Punch5. Patch Up (restricted)
6. Professionals7. Richochet Blast (errata updated)8. Second Wind9. Sucker10. Till The End Of The Line

Crisis CardsExtraction: Skrulls infiltrate world leadershipExtraction: Struggle for the Cube continuesExtraction: Spider-infected invade ManhattanSecure: Infinity formula goes missing!Secure: Riots spark over Extremis 3.0!Secure: Deadly meteors mutate civilians

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