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Eric Grenseman


Boba Fett Classic 2021 (Star Wars: Legion) [493 Points]

  • Skirmish (Rebel Alliance) [493 Points]
    • Commander [175 Points]
      • •Luke Skywalker [175 Points]

        Selections: Force Push [10 Points], Force Reflexes [5 Points]

        Categories: Commander, Light Side, Rebel, Trooper, Small Base, Force User

    • Operative [60 Points]
      • •R2-D2 [60 Points]

        Selections: •C-3PO [15 Points]

        Categories: Operative, Droid Trooper, Light Side, Rebel, Small Base

    • Corps [193 Points]
      • Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper [38 Points]

        Categories: Corps, Detachment, Emplacement Trooper, Light Side, Medium Base, Rebel

      • Rebel Troopers [67 Points]

        Selections: Rebel Trooper [7 Points], Z-6 Trooper [20 Points]

        Categories: Corps, Light Side, Rebel, Trooper, Small Base

      • Rebel Troopers [40 Points]

        Categories: Corps, Light Side, Rebel, Trooper, Small Base

      • Rebel Veterans [48 Points]

        Categories: Corps, Light Side, Rebel, Small Base, Trooper

    • Support [65 Points]
      • AT-RT [65 Points]

        Selections: AT-RT Laser Cannon [10 Points]

        Categories: Support, Ground Vehicle, Light Side, Rebel, Large Base

    • Command Hand
      • Command Hand

        Selections: •Blast Off!, •Son of Skywalker, ••Impromptu Immolation, ••My Ally Is the Force, •••Return of the Jedi, •••Smoke Screen, ••••Standing Orders

        Categories: Command Hand, Command Cards

    • Battle Cards
      • Condition Cards

        Selections: Clear Conditions, Dawn, Improvised Defenses, War Weary

        Categories: Battle Cards, Rebel

      • Deployment Cards

        Selections: Battle Lines, Faceoff, Flanking Positions, Meeting Engagement

        Categories: Battle Cards, Rebel

      • Objective Cards

        Selections: Breach, Control, Elimination, Pivotal Positions

        Categories: Battle Cards, Rebel

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