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Board in Brum
(8) Rey [Scavenged YT-1300](9) Rose Tico(3) Shattering Shot(9) Finn(3) False Transponder Codes(1) Marksmanship(0) Rey's Millennium FalconPoints: 8
(7) Poe Dameron [T-70 X-wing](2) R4 Astromech(0) Integrated S-foils(5) Overdrive Thruster(6) Outmaneuver(0) Black One(12) Proton TorpedoesPoints: 7
(2) R1-J5 [Fireball]Points: 2
(3) Merl Cobben [RZ-2 A-wing](4) Cluster Missiles(1) Munitions Failsafe(1) Starbird Slash(1) Automated Target PriorityPoints: 3
Total points: 20


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