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Chris Swain


800/80011 Activations
General Grievous (Vigilance, Up Close and Personal, DT-57 "Annihilator")Bossk (Hunter, Offensive Push, Targeting Scopes)B1 Battle Droids (Electrobinoculars)B1 Battle Droids (HQ Uplink)B1 Battle Droids (PK-series Worker Droid)B1 Battle Droids (Portable Scanner)B1 Battle DroidsBX-Series Droid Commandos (Strike Team) (BX-Series Droid Sniper, Offensive Push, Smoke Grenades)3x Droidekas
Ambush•, Trained in Your Jedi Arts•, Reptilian Rampage••, Crush Them!•••, Assault•••, Standing Orders••••

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