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Which Affiliation(s) do you intend to play?Brotherhood of Mutants
Criminal Syndicate
Secure Crises (choose 5)Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians (Yes)
Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due? (Yes)
Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest (Yes)
Infinity Formula Goes Missing! (Yes)
Mayor Fisk Vows to Find Missing Witnessess (Yes)
Extract Crises (choose 5)Alien Ship Crashes in Downtown! (Yes)
Fear Grips World as "Worthy" Terrorize Cities (Yes)
Mutant Extremists Target U.S. Senators! (Yes)
Struggle for the Cube Continues (Yes)
The Montesi Formula Found (Yes)
Characters (choose 15)Baron Zemo (Yes)
Black Widow (Yes)
Crossbones (Yes)
Enchantress (Yes)
Killmonger (Yes)
Kingpin (Yes)
Medusa (Yes)
M.O.D.O.K. (Yes)
Magneto (Yes)
Mystique (Yes)
Red Skull (Yes)
Sabretooth (Yes)
Taskmaster (Yes)
Toad (Yes)
Vision (Yes)