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312 Squadron League April- May

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

For entry acceptance, please pay the prize fee to nicolassperry@att.net on PAYPAL. $5 for U.S.A players and $7 for international players 312 Squadron League Games are EXTENDED format. To be played one pairing (one match) per week, for 6 weeks. Lists locked EVERY 2 ROUNDS! Top 8 players play in a one day playoff May 23 at 10 AM CT. Played on TTS, voice communication through 312 Discord. Report scores through TTO. Discord link: https://discord.gg/VCkcgghcaq Games will be played at you and your opponent's convenience. Some games may be streamed if all parties are willing and available!

Player Rank Faction W/L Points/MOV/SOS Club/Affiliation Group
Rob Pettit (OneArmedBilly)R1-2/02/542/0.25IDEA Squad
Christopher Daniel (EST)R2-2/02/536/0.25Hex Squad NYC
Stefan WissingR3-2/02/523/0.25
Joe ChurchmanR4-1/11/507/0.75PGS
Keenan "Double Doc" ChildsR5-1/11/490/0.50IDEA Squad
Andrew PREVOTR6-1/11/382/0.25Squad Tolosà
Joel SpringleR7-1/11/378/0.507 Suns
Richard Owen III (rowen3)R8-1/11/374/0.25
Sebastian Van UytfangeR9-1/01/358/0.25Outpost Ghent
DavidBakerR10-1/01/344/0.25Brew Squadron
Aaron ThatcherR11-1/01/343/0.50
Nicolas SperryR12-1/01/318/0.25312 Squadron
Juan Caez (Obijuan)R13-1/01/316/0.25
Bryan BommersbachR14-1/01/300/0.25Evergreen Squadron
Bruce E.(Brucey1TWO3)R15-1/01/300/0.25
NobbieR16-1/01/292/0.25Fearless Gundarks
Tim Sheridan R17-1/01/261/0.25
Maxime "Maxx" ClergueR18-1/01/260/0.25Squad Tolosà
Renaud Wens "RUNZZ"R19-1/01/245/0.25R2T3
Matthew PhillipsonR20-1/01/202/0.2581st Squadron
Robin Lincoln-CodjoeR21-0/20/214/0.50Southside Sarlacc
D'Lauren Butler(Ren Orzhari)R22-0/10/198/0.25IDEA SQUAD
Darren WestonR23-0/10/155/0.25Winter Squadron
Mackay Goldring (GMT-6)R24-0/10/145/0.50Chinook squadron
Tim spangler R25-0/10/141/0.25Mundane knights
Corey Deegan R26-0/10/140/0.50
Rob SeivertR27-0/10/140/0.25
Blake McKenzieR28-0/10/127/0.50
Kai LongR29-0/10/108/0.25
Christopher KnightR30-0/10/100/0.25NYC X-Wing
Josh orlinskyR31-0/10/100/0.25MBS
James SykesR32-0/20/98/0.50
Cory HealdR33-0/10/84/0.25Brew Squadron
Bill HerbertR34-0/10/82/0.25Boise Banthas
Adam SmithR35-0/10/56/0.25
Jesse KnightR36-0/10/41/0.25

Round 2: Stefan Wissing (165) def. Joe Churchman (102)

8 hours ago

Round 2: Christopher Daniel (EST) (159) def. Joel Springle (78)

9 hours ago

Round 2: Andrew PREVOT (200) def. Robin Lincoln-Codjoe (75)

15 hours ago

Round 2: Richard Owen III (rowen3) (200) def. James Sykes (56)

1 day ago

Round 2: Rob Pettit (OneArmedBilly) (200) def. Keenan "Double Doc" Childs (131)

1 day ago

Round 2 draw created

2 days ago

Round 1: Bryan Bommersbach (200) def. Josh orlinsky (100)

2 days ago

Round 1: Nobbie (117) def. Kai Long (25)

2 days ago

Round 1: DavidBaker (200) def. Adam Smith (56)

3 days ago

Round 1: Joe Churchman (200) def. Richard Owen III (rowen3) (30)

4 days ago

Round 1: Bruce E.(Brucey1TWO3) (200) def. Christopher Knight (100)

4 days ago

Round 1: Joel Springle (200) def. Tim spangler (141)

5 days ago

Round 1: Christopher Daniel (EST) (149) def. Mackay Goldring (GMT-6) (94)

5 days ago

Round 1: Renaud Wens "RUNZZ" (120) def. Darren Weston (75)

5 days ago

Round 1: Tim Sheridan (200) def. Robin Lincoln-Codjoe (139)

6 days ago

Round 1: Maxime "Maxx" Clergue (146) def. Rob Seivert (86)

6 days ago

Round 1: Rob Pettit (OneArmedBilly) (200) def. Blake McKenzie (127)

6 days ago

Round 1: Stefan Wissing (126) def. Corey Deegan (66)

6 days ago

Round 1: Keenan "Double Doc" Childs (200) def. Jesse Knight (41)

6 days ago

Round 1: Juan Caez (Obijuan) (200) def. Cory Heald (84)

7 days ago

Round 1: Aaron Thatcher (200) def. Andrew PREVOT (57)

8 days ago

Round 1: Nicolas Sperry (118) def. Bill Herbert (0)

8 days ago

Round 1: Sebastian Van Uytfange (200) def. James Sykes (42)

8 days ago

Round 1: Matthew Phillipson (116) def. D'Lauren Butler(Ren Orzhari) (114)

8 days ago

Round 1 draw created

9 days ago

312 Squadron League April- May event created

29 days ago

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